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Another week, another social event filled with bad dancing and mean-girlness — and believe it or not, Blair was neither the inspiration nor the executioner of the cruelty. It’s time for the Snowflake Ball (the winter formal and charity ball), and that means the Upper Eastsiders are obliged to stress out over whom to invite as a date. She’s so bored she’s arranging Rufus’ albums alphabetically. Vanessa’s guilt gets the best of her when Nate calls while she’s speaking with Jenny and Vanessa rushes out, taking her guilty conscience with her.

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Indeed, for much of the first season, I couldn’t abide a single character in the show—though I found one of the dads, Rufus (Matthew Settle), pretty hot. [A pause, as Dan seems unable to put his words into action…] BLAIR: Oh, for crying out loud, Humphrey! (Meanwhile, something's happening with Nate and Raina, but since they are officially the most boring couple in prime time, I think we can safely ignore them.) Ah, Gossip Girl. I do like the novels, but they are not as high in my esteem as the show; on the other hand, had I read the books first I would have been outraged at the flagrant changes made for no very good reason. She's Serena, a Daisy Buchanon of more subliminal prowress and less exacting greed.Nate (Chace Crawford) was a perfect young Adonis but otherwise not good for much; Serena (Blake Lively) remained gorgeous but annoyingly limpid; the characterization of Vanessa (Jessica Szor) was slipshod at best; Eric (Connor Paolo) was woefully underused; and I missed train wreck Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) almost every episode since her Season 3 departure. The characters may be young, but the appeal of this particular kind of courtship is truly ageless.

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